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     Apply or Inquire via SMS. Text  CIGNALsend to (Globe/TM) 0917-848 9003 (Smart/TNT) Plan / Installation Date 


 Frequently Asked Questions

Postpaid account number change

I got an SMS regarding the change in my account number. What’s that all about?
Beginning June 2014, all Postpaid Account numbers will change into a new 10-digit combination. This should be used when making payment in our partner merchants, except in Metrobank.

Where will the new account number apply?

Payments made at LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, ECPay, SM and BPI should already use the new account number.

What will happen if I use the old account number at LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, 7-Eleven ECPay, SM and BPI?
Your payment will not go through and the teller will request for the new account number.

What will happen if I use the new account number at Metrobank?
Because this channel is still transitioning to our new billing system, they can only process your payment using the old account number.

How do I get hold of my new account number?

Text ACC<space><Old Account Number> to 5353

What channels do you carry?

As of July, 2014 - we have 96 digital channels now including 70 SD Channels and 26 HD channels. The subscription packages available have a complete mix of the most popular channels that meet your family’s needs – sports, movies, entertainment, news & information, and kids channels.

Please click here for a list of our channel lineup. Note that the channel lineup is subject to change without prior notice.

Where is Cignal available?

Cignal is available nationwide and can reach even remote areas (mountains or beach fronts) and provinces. Because we transmit via satellite, our service is not dependent on cable infrastructure. All that is needed is the installation of our satellite dish and a clear line of sight to our Satellite.

 What are the subscription requirements?

    1) Completed Service Application Form (SAF)

    2) Valid ID

    3) Proof of Billing (Utility bills such as):
            Credit card bills
            Mobile postpaid bill
            Internet service provider bill
            Electricity bills
            Cable bills

    *Bills and statements submitted must be in good credit standing.

 Our Plans range from P390 – P1,590 a month. Please click here for complete details on our Postpaid Plan channel lineup, and here for details on our Prepaid packages.

1. What is box maintenance fee?

    The Monthly Box Maintenance fee is the monthly fee for the lifetime guarantee on your set top box. With this, you get to enjoy a worry free, non-stop viewing experience with Cignal!

2. What does the box maintenance fee cover?

    The box maintenance fee covers for the set top box. Other accessories (e.g. ODU) are not covered and have a standard warranty of 6 months only.

3. What are the benefits of box maintenance fee?

    -Box maintenance fee gives you a lifetime guarantee on your set top boxes. If your set top boxes becomes damaged while subscribed, cost of the replacement boxes will be shouldered by Cignal.

    -Box maintenance fee covers all set top boxes under your residential account. At only P150/P100/month, you get to enjoy warranty coverage on all your set top boxes!


1. I want to reconnect but I have an outstanding balance. How much will  I spend?

You need to settle the outstanding balance plus the reconnection fee of P100.00 so that we can process your account’s re-connection.

2. How much are the monthly fees?

    Monthly fees vary depending on the subscription:

        Postpaid – HD 490, 630, 830, 990, 1290, and 1590
        Prepaid – SD 300, 400, 430, and HD 590 

3. Where can I pay for my subscription?

    Payments can be made through select Cignal partners with ECPay Payment facilities, as well as at any BPI Express Phone, BPI Express Online, BPI Express Mobile and ATM machines, Metrobank, LBC, SM, and 7-11 for Postpaid accounts. Payment will be posted on your account after 3 business days.

 4. Which Plans use load?

    Only prepaid accounts can load.

5. What is the validity of the load?

    The validity of the load is 30 days from the time of top-up.

6. How much can be loaded?

    The load is the same amount as the Pack subscribed. For example, Pack 300 will require a P300-load, P400 for Pack 400, P430 for Pack 430, and P590 for Pack 590.

7.  What’s the maximum load per plan? (I’m on plan 590, can I load a loer or higher amount?)

    For SD subscriptions, only 300, 400 and 430 denominations can be loaded. For HD subscriptions, only 590 can be loaded.

8. Where can Prepaid subscribers buy their load?

    You can load from any Cignal Partner, Dealer or Retailer, or from Smart Load retailers.  Please make sure that you have your account number with you when you load. You may also buy Cignal Reload Cards in denominations of 300, 400, 430 and 590 at Cignal Partners, Dealers, and Retailers, as well as SM Malls' Information Counters.

9. Can both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers pay at any Metrobank and LBC branch?

    Only Postpaid may pay via our accredited payment channels. Prepaid accounts may load at Cignal partners or SMart Load retailers.

    *Note that this also applies to payments made through our Territory Partners, BPI Expressonline, Express Phone and ATM machines.

10. Reloading problems (topped-up)

    For Cignal Subscribers, Please contact our customer service through the following touch points:

        • Landline: 02 2446251 (Metro Manila); 1-800-10-2446251 (Outside Metro Manila)

        • email:

        • sms: 391-800-8000

    Please provide your account numbers as well as date and time of transaction. If also available, please provide transaction reference no. and retailer mobile number.

11. How do I know when my Prepaid load is expiring?

    To inquire about your Prepaid load expiry, text CIGNAL EXP <Account No.> to 5353.

    (P1.00 per text applies. Available for Smart and Sun subscribers.)

12. How do I avail of Pay-Per-View?

    To avail of Pay-Per-View, Postpaid subscribers can apply on the website under the subscribe tab or may call CIGNAL1 or (02) 2446251 for Metro Manila. Those outside Metro Manila may call our domestic toll-free hotline at 1-800-10-2446251, or contact their nearest Cignal Partner. Please click here for our Territory Partner directory. Prepaid accounts can load at Cignal Partners of Smart Load retailers. Account should be in good credit standing.

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